Thumbnail Crypto Word Search Game
Thumbnail Crypto Word Search Game
Thumbnail Crypto Word Search Game

Lost in the world of cryptocurrencies? Start to know some of the main names of market crypto, looking for them in this game of word search.

Some examples of coins list are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano and many more.

There are 6 categories:
Normal -> Search among the most known cryptocurrencies.
Top 10 -> Search among the 10 cryptocurrencies with more market capitalization.
Icons -> At the bottom of the board don't appear the names of the cryptocurrencies, but their symbols. Example: Bitcoin - ₿
Acronyms -> Search for cryptocurrencies by acronyms. Example: Bitcoin - BTC
Mining -> Search by names of mining algorithms.
Consesus -> Search by names of consensus algorithms.

In addition, in the configuration section, you can indicate the number of characters per row you want (between 10 and 25). This is equivalent to looking for cryptocurrencies in a word search of 100 to 625 characters (we recommend 10 x 10).

For now, words are found horizontally and vertically, soon they will be added diagonally.

This application doesn't serve to buy cryptocurrencies and from this app it's not recommended to buy any of them. You can't get cryptocurrency prices or advanced graphics either. It's simply a game to know some of the names of basic cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.