Thumbnail Quixote Word Search — Don Quixote
Thumbnail Quixote Word Search — Don Quixote
Thumbnail Quixote Word Search — Don Quixote

Project for the "Game Jam Cultura Abierta", developed in 24 hours. We have chosen the book of "Don Quijote de la Mancha" for being a Spanish writer (Miguel de Cervantes) and being considered the best literary work ever written, now in word search format.

We have analyzed the book of "Don Quijote de la Mancha" through an nlp (natural language processing) library. With this, we have obtain relevant statistics and information, which we have used to generate this word search.

Words, depending on the level, can appear horizontally, vertically, diagonally and in reverse order (QUIJOTE - ETOJIUQ). In addition, different words can use the same letter.

It's also possible to share the result with your friends through the option of playing hard to send to Leaderboards 🏆

The game is classified into 4 categories:
- Characters: Names of the most representative characters in the book.
- Places: Names of places that appear in the book.
- Words: Words representative of the book.
- Strange: Words of the Spanish antinguo or little used in the current Castilian.

The 20 most repeated words we found during the investigation:
('don', 2628)
('quijote', 2156)
('sancho', 2142)
('si', 1938)
('dijo', 1804)
('tan', 1220)
('respondió', 1063)
('así', 1059)
('ser', 1054)
('señor', 1054)
('bien', 1041)
('merced', 898)
('pues', 855)
('sino', 688)
('dos', 681)
('caballero', 655)
('decir', 574)
('hacer', 526)
('dios', 525)
('aunque', 523)

"Naked I was born and naked I find myself, neither lose nor win"



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