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Problem, the frame rate are incorrect...


During our development of games for iOS and watchOS, when upload an App Preview video to the App Store, we have encountered several problems:

  • The video sizes are not correct.
  • The frame rate are not correct.
  • Some problems with sounds

Next, we are going to detail some commands, so that you can publish your App preview video without wasting time and without having to use video editors. The fundamental tool for the process is "ffmpeg". From here we recommend installing it through Homebrew ( We assume that we are in a macOS environment, since we are going to publish for the App Store.

1- Make the video

For this, it can be recorded directly from a physical iPhone together with QuickTime Player or from the simulator. To record in the simulator you can run:

xcrun simctl io booted recordVideo

* So that the videos in this tutorial are not distorted, it is recommended to use an iPhone8. If you use the simulator, use an iPhone8.

2- Silence Video

Before starting, we introduce a command that sometimes is interesting, remove the sound from a video. There can always be sounds that we prefer not to appear in the video. To clean the videos of sound:

ffmpeg -f lavfi -i anullsrc = channel_layout = stereo: sample_rate = 44100 -i -shortest -c: v copy -c: a aac silence.mp4

3- App Preview for iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone Screen 5.5")

The interesting begins. Export video App Preview for iPhone7Plus (iPhone Screen 5.5"). Default video size: 1080x1920
 - For Portrait mode:
ffmpeg -i -acodec copy -crf 12 -vf scale=1080:1920,setsar=1:1 -strict -2 -r 30 output7.mp4
 - For Landscape mode:
ffmpeg -i -acodec copy -crf 12 -vf scale=1920:1080,setsar=1:1 -strict -2 -r 30 output7.mp4

4- App Preview for iPhone XSMAX (iPhone 6.5 "Screen)

Export video App Preview for XSMAX (iPhone 6.5 "Screen). Default video size: 886x1920
 - For Portrait mode:
ffmpeg -i -acodec copy -crf 12 -vf scale=886:1920,setsar=1:1 -strict -2 -r 30 outputXS.mp4
 - For Landscape mode:
ffmpeg -i -acodec copy -crf 12 -vf scale=1920:886,setsar=1:1 -strict -2 -r 30 outputXS.mp4

5- Distorted

At this point, if you have used an iPhone8 as the default recording, the resulting video may be distorted. If you don't like the result, we can solve it:
- For Portrait mode:
ffmpeg -i -acodec copy -crf 12 -vf scale=886:-1,pad=886:1920:0:60 -strict -2 -r 30 outputXS.mp4
- For Landscape mode:
ffmpeg -i silence.mp4 -acodec copy -crf 12 -vf scale=886:-1,pad=1920:886:0:60 -strict -2 -r 30 outputXS.mp4

This add padding to the video, so that it is not distorted, although it will not be full size. But in order not to record 2 videos, we use this solution.

We hope you like the tips. Experiment with modifying command values ​​to suit your case if necessary. If you have problems or need help, contact us through our social media.

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