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The weareables have become one of the most powerful trends to give away this 2019


Your father is older. The doctor has told him that he has to take care of himself, that at these ages ... So he has started to eat better and even walks every day. You are thinking about Christmas gifts and it occurs to you that an activity bracelet would be a good idea for you to measure your physical and vital signs at all times. You go to the mall and think why not give one to your girlfriend too, which would be a perfect gift for someone who is fond of running. But why not give away a smartwatch instead?

Do you know the differences between smartwatch and activity bracelet? What is a sportwatch?

These are three products with different benefits. All three serve as weareables for sports, but some offer complementary functionalities. Given this abundance of supply it is normal to ask what smartwatch to buy, what are the advantages of the activity bracelet and doubt between smartwatch or sportwatch. In this post we are going to give you some guidelines so you can decide better.

First of all we have the activity wristbands, which allow us to collect and monitor information about distance traveled, calories, quality of sleep hours and other parameters related to our health, well-being and physical exercise. The advantages of sports bracelets are its price (between $ 20 and $ 100) and its lightness. You can link the activity bracelet to the Smartphone or PC to process and analyze this data. High-end wristbands even allow you to receive notifications, but the screen size makes reading difficult. The difference between a sports bracelet and a sportwatch is precision, the bracelet being a more recommended product for people who practice sports in a non-professional way.

The sports watch adds features such as GPS, altitude and speed meters or even emergency calls. They are much more precise and resistant than activity wristbands, so we can consider that they are products for people who practice sports in a professional or semi-professional way and who are willing to invest between $ 100 and $ 500. Linking the sports watch to the phone allows you to receive notifications, but this communication is usually unidirectional and does not allow you to answer messages or calls.

Giving away a smartwatch would be a good intermediate option , since it allows functions of an activity bracelet and adds new possibilities such as answering an email while running through the mountain or calling home to warn that you feel strong today and you will stay in the gym burning some more calories. It also gives you the option of entertaining yourself with games for the watch while waiting for the bus or measuring exactly how long it has taken you to prepare the budget for a new customer. The smart watch is, in short, a product of higher quality and price than an activity bracelet.

The difference between smartwatch and sportwatch is that as the price of the product increases, the first one gives you more communication or entertainment functions and the second adds more functionalities related to the field of physical activity. Oh, and the design! After all, sports weareables have a certain aesthetic that does not allow you to take them to a work meeting or an elegant dinner, while the multiple possibilities of design and customization of smartwatches make them much more versatile in this aspect.

Do you doubt which device to buy? We help you:
Activity Tracker: Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Black, 21.6 mm
Sportwatch: Fitbit Versa Lite
SmartWatch: Fossil Smartwatch FTW4012

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